Installing ESXi without destroying the datastore

July 31, 2010
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Installing ESXi without destroying the datastore I was perusing some ESXi links when I discovered an interesting thread in the VMware Community Discussion forums. The post discusses how you might install ESXi onto an existing drive that contains a datastore, without destroying the datastore. I could see this as a potential lifesaver down the road. […]


PassMark CPU Benchmarks

July 28, 2010

CPU Comparisons While researching CPUs for the ESXi Server, one of the sites I hit for information was the PassMark site. This site has a wealth of data comparing almost any CPU, video card or hard drive available… or previously available. They claim over 200,000 CPUs and 200,000 video cards benchmarked. It was very helpful […]


My ESXi box: Part 2- ESXi installation

July 25, 2010

Review In part one of the ESXi build I covered researching compatible hardware for the VMware machine. The post ended with an assembled PC. This post will cover the installation of ESXi 4.0 on the machine, the vSphere client, and the creation of a datastore. Format the Hard drive(s) Something that I forgot to mention […]


My ESXi box: Part 1- The Hardware

July 20, 2010

Overview The past 18 months or so, I had been playing around with Sun’s VirtualBox on my primary machine. It allowed me to test out various Linux flavors, and work with open source tools not necessarily available for the host OS, Windows XP. The host hardware was sufficient to run two virtual machines at a […]


OpenFiler within ESXi

July 16, 2010

Introduction My home network has an ESXi machine I built earlier this year. Dealing with a SAN at the office made me want to enjoy some of the same luxuries at home as well. OpenFiler is a free, open source SAN Server, and is quite well thought of, so I thought it would be worth […]


My first post!

July 11, 2010

This is my first attempt at a blog, although I have been on the web for a number of years. I’ve run for the past seven years, which details several arcade cabinet builds of mine and others. You might have run across it if you’ve ever Googled for MAME or related topics. You’ll always […]