PassMark Hard Drive Ratings

August 7, 2010

Hard drive ratings As an addendum to the PassMark CPU Benchmark post, I decided to go back and look up the ratings of my home drives currently in service, to see how they compare to one another. Not wanting to spend too much time locating all the drive models, I only included the drives ordered […]


Installing ESXi without destroying the datastore

July 31, 2010
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Installing ESXi without destroying the datastore I was perusing some ESXi links when I discovered an interesting thread in the VMware Community Discussion forums. The post discusses how you might install ESXi onto an existing drive that contains a datastore, without destroying the datastore. I could see this as a potential lifesaver down the road. […]


PassMark CPU Benchmarks

July 28, 2010

CPU Comparisons While researching CPUs for the ESXi Server, one of the sites I hit for information was the PassMark site. This site has a wealth of data comparing almost any CPU, video card or hard drive available… or previously available. They claim over 200,000 CPUs and 200,000 video cards benchmarked. It was very helpful […]