Veeam Endpoint protecting the household machines

June 9, 2016

I discussed Veeam Endpoint a while ago, and how much I enjoy it.  All our Windows machines in the house, including my wife’s laptop, get backed up nightly to the OpenMediaVault storage pool. Some machines get the default 14 day protection, but my primary machine gets 21 days.  The total storage used is reasonable given what it is protecting.  I have already needed to restore a couple minecraft folders for the community PC, and that was dead simple.

To protect against all the Cryptolocker variants out there, the OMV share only allows a single user to write to it, and that user is only used within the Veeam job itself.  This is critical.  If you assign a standard user RW to that folder and they get hit by Crypto, say goodbye to both that machine AND all the backups.

The newest version of Endpoint allows for you to create an adhoc full backup that is outside the normal backup chain.  This allows you to target an external drive to create a nice point-in-time backup that you can then unplug and stow in your media vault, just in case.  I have already done this for a couple of our machines.

I have also successfully used Endpoint to upgrade boot drives.  Once was to upgrade the size of SSD and the other two move from a spinner to SSD.  This second upgrade will be the subject of another post.

All the backups occur in the middle of the night.  The laptop wakes itself from sleep to perform this task, then goes back to sleep, which is very nice.


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