Xeon W3670 Hyperthreading with Handbrake

June 11, 2016

Since I upgraded to my Dell T3500 early this year, I have really been enjoying how fast it encodes any Bluray rips thrown at it (I was previously using an AMD tri-core for that task).  I decided to run a test today (it is 100F outside so the nice cool basement seemed preferable to that) […]


Migration to Dell T3500 Workstation

June 10, 2016

Since I traded computers with the kids’ community one so my son could play his games (apparently Plants V Zombies’ user experience on a dual-core AMD with integrated video is not good), I had felt its limitations.  We purchased an HD camcorder last year but could not even play the 1080p/60 videos on the machine.  […]


Veeam Endpoint protecting the household machines

June 9, 2016

I discussed Veeam Endpoint a while ago, and how much I enjoy it.  All our Windows machines in the house, including my wife’s laptop, get backed up nightly to the OpenMediaVault storage pool. Some machines get the default 14 day protection, but my primary machine gets 21 days.  The total storage used is reasonable given […]