My first post!

July 11, 2010

This is my first attempt at a blog, although I have been on the web for a number of years. I’ve run for the past seven years, which details several arcade cabinet builds of mine and others. You might have run across it if you’ve ever Googled for MAME or related topics. You’ll always find me near the top.

I’ve felt the desire over the past six months to detail some of my many PC-related, home projects being worked on. This would allow me to both have a reminder of the steps I performed, plus provide potential value to others embarking on similar projects.

Initial topics will include my experiences with Esxi and OpenFiler at home, including how I built my first VMware server, general virtual machine ramblings, some useful coding examples, and my strategies for home data backups.

I have over twenty years of IT experience, having both an undergraduate degree in Business Administration/Computer Science from Illinois College in Jacksonville, IL, and graduate degree Management of Information Systems from the University of Illinois, Springfield. I am currently employed as senior programmer analyst for UTG, Inc, a small insurance company that provides TPA services for other organizations. Working in a small shop provides me with endless challenges, which I love. I am never satisfied to be idle, or to do the same thing day-in-day-out. My experience ranges from mainframe COBOL to web development to .NET to electronic imaging to virtual machines, with a lot in between. One of my strongest attributes is the ability to look at an existing process and determine how to make it more efficient. In this current economy of doing more with less, this trait is more valuable than ever. It gives me great satisfaction to help a user, or department, out and replace some amount of drudgery with automation.

That’s about it for this first post. WordPress is brand new to me so please be patient if the template changes over the coming weeks. Stay tuned for the next, much more informative post.

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