Multiple vCPU encoding performance in ESXi 4.1

October 9, 2010

Background This is a continuation of my post about vSphere 4.1’s new Power Policy settings. This post will look more closely at how adding additional vCPUs to an encoding process can impact its performance, and whether the power settings make that big a difference on a more heavily-loaded system. An excellent document on the vSphere […]


ESXi Windows NFS datastore inactive upon reboot

September 6, 2010

The problem The NFS datastore I recently created to hold the virtual machine backups from my home ESXi server showed as “inactive” upon a recent server reboot. This was unexpected but, after some Googling, definitely not unusual. A second reboot (why not?) still did not restore the connection. I needed to find a proper solution […]


My ESXi box: Part 2- ESXi installation

July 25, 2010

Review In part one of the ESXi build I covered researching compatible hardware for the VMware machine. The post ended with an assembled PC. This post will cover the installation of ESXi 4.0 on the machine, the vSphere client, and the creation of a datastore. Format the Hard drive(s) Something that I forgot to mention […]