Poor Man’s Wireless Access Point

October 10, 2012

A couple weeks ago I added a Roku to our bedroom TV setup. I noticed that the wireless signal was listed as merely ‘Fair’ on the Roku, and we routinely toggled between one and two bars on our Nook Color. The router was located in the basement, and the bedroom is on the second floor so it was a fair distance for the signal to travel.

I decided to move the router to the main floor and place it near the top of the arcade cabinet. The router was connected to our Comcast cable modem and the router then connected to the network. There is a gigabit switch behind the arcade so I figured I could just run another cat5e run from the modem up to the new router placement. There was already another line running to that location’s switch so it was easy enough to just follow that cable with this run.

Now the Roku says the signal is ‘Good’ and the Nook routinely shows full bars so the small amount of work was certainly worth it. The only expense was a longer cat5 cable from Monoprice.

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