XBMC Live 10.0 CPU utilization on Zotac ZBOX HD-ND02

August 8, 2012

I have a Zotac ZBOX, which has been a wonderful little device. The Dual-core Atom within is not the most powerful of processors but the Ion graphics chip more than makes up for the CPU’s shortcomings. XBMC Live 10.0 runs on the machine and really maximizes the machine’s capabilities. A while back I ran some tests to see how much the CPU was being used during various tasks.

First up is when XBMC is on the main menu. I use the default skin, Confluence.
At main menu

Next is during an album display.
Zotac CPU when displaying list of FLACs

Playing a song took more horsepower as the menu was still up.
Zotac CPU when playing FLAC

Displaying a list of movies.
Zotac CPU when displaying list of videos

Playing a standard definition movie. You will note that this is the least CPU-intensive task of everything tested.
Zotac CPU when playing SD video

You should note the Atom never touched 40% utilization. The Atom/Ion pairing makes for a very efficient combination for a media player.

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